Built by Dreamers for Dreamers

Yellow Brick Road café was built in 2015 to keep the flame of a little magic and comfort burning at a time of social and political turmoil in Malaysia. From witty dish names such as ‘Peter Pandan’ to quirky drawings of fairies on the walls, Yellow Brick Road is a home away from home—there's no place like it.

Our world as we knew it needed more things to feel good about—there was so much discontent and unhappiness in our city, so we took the things that made us happy and shared it in the space we made—from little, happy, things like fairy lights to a whole pancake parlour above the café, with a kid’s play area as well.’

– Lin Lee, co-founder, designer.

The four founders chose “Yellow Brick Road” as a tribute to the wonderful journey made by the four close friends in the classic movie Wizard of Oz. We hope our journey will be just as meaningful and magical.

Proudly Malaysian

Yellow Brick Road believes in supporting and growing local businesses. Our menu features a range of offerings sourced from local vendors such as local juice brand Smooshie Juice and home baker, Claire of One Ate Zero. We also work closely with home-grown specialty coffee roaster Artisan Roastery, who help us bring high quality coffee from around the world to you.

The Dreamers

The 5 founding members couldn’t be more different- an architect, a chef, a pastry chef turned barista, an I.T guy and a social media influencer. They are united by the same drive and dream to bring the best F&B experience to Malaysia based on their individual experiences and skills. Working together, these 5 individuals are proud to have brought together and trained a vibrant and dynamic team of chefs, servers and baristas at Yellow Brick Road

Jason Loo

With his boyish good looks, Jason is responsible for bringing Yellow Brick Road’s reputation for top-notch coffee to great heights, within the past 5 years.

Jason began his F&B journey as a pastry chef, but he soon discovered is true passion for coffee at The Red Beanbag, where he went from junior barista to Malaysian Barista Champion in the space of only a year (2012-2013). Jason represented Malaysia for a second time at the World Barista Championship (WBC) in Seoul in 2017. The prestigious coffee event saw over 60 competitors from around the globe competing. Jason took seventh place, the highest rank for Malaysia to date.

Meticulous about quality with a keen attention to detail, Jason has a hands-on approach and can often be seen at the front-end, running the café. He believes in developing talent within the team and always strives to provide the best experience to the customer.

Yew Kheong

Kheong graduated from Melbourne, Australia as an IT guy. It was during his time there that he fell in love with the vibrant cafe scene. Moving back to KL, he spent seven years in the corporate world before taking a leap of faith in 2011, following through with his dream to bring a bit of the Melbourne café magic here to KL with: The Red Beanbag cafe. This is where it all started, and Kheong and Lin developed a close working relationship with Jason Loo and Ryan Cheah, who were The Red Beanbag’s head barista and head chef respectively, and before anyone new it, the team of adventurers joined forces with Shaun to start up Yellow Brick Road.

Kheong is a simple guy who believes in organic growth and the importance of teamwork. He loves that his job is to take care of our wonderful, hardworking team!

Hai Lin Lee

The creative mastermind behind the team, Lin has a Masters in Design from the University of New South Wales, Australia, and pursued her career in Architecture & Design for 10 years before moving back to Kuala Lumpur. Lin’s first F&B venture was local fruit juice brand, Smooshie Juice, before delving into the cafe/restaurant scene. Lin is responsible for designing the cafes and conceptualising the brand identity and stylistic ethos of each establishment.

“F&B hubs are the perfect platform for people to bond, and to be fulfilled in heart, soul (and stomach!). I hope that all the brands I’m responsible for have contributed positively in some way to the lives of everyday people, be it indulging in a stack of delicious, quirkily named pancakes to savouring a heart warming cup of coffee.”

Outside of her F&B life, Lin is also an established musician, and plays the violin in various orchestras and ensembles in KL.

Chef Ryan Cheah

The culinary wizard of the team, Ryan is the mastermind behind most of Yellow Brick Road’s gastronomical delights. Ryan’s journey with the team started when he took up the head chef position at The Red Beanbag, pioneering KL’s brunch scene with signature dishes such as Baked Eggs and Eggs Benedict. He later joined the Yellow Brick Road group, as Head Chef and co-founder.

Ryan is a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen with over 13 years of experience as a chef working in some of KL’s top restaurants from Pacifica Resturant at the Mandarin Oriental to fine dining establishments such as Cilantro and Sage. Methodical and firm in his approach, Ryanis a stickler for quality produce, and goes the extra mile to source high quality ingredients.

Shaun Liew

The life of any party, Shaun completes the eclectic group of 5 with his in-depth understanding of coffee, mixology, service and culinary arts. He is also two time Malaysia Brewer’s Cup Champion and has represented Malaysia twice at the World Brewer’s Cup!

Shaun was a lecturer at Berjaya University and holds a professional certificate in barista skills, allowing him to conduct training and consultation for cafes and restaurants. He is also the founder Common Craftsmen, a coffee company in KL which caters to product launches and events. Shaun believes in treating everyone at the café like family- motivating and inspiring one another to reach greater heights together. His hobbies are travelling and photography. Shaun’s penchant for connecting people, building relationships and photography has led him to become an avid social media influencer and key opinion leader for lifestyle brands.

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