Meet Ellie,
the artist behind
the YBR mural!

Malaysian artist and illustrator Ellie Yong (@elliethopia) is the genius behind the wonderful mural of Scarecrow, Tin Man, Dorothy and Lion downstairs at YBR, as well as the fairies adorning the wall by the staircase up to the Wicked Pancake Parlour. We caught up with her recently for a chat on art, inspiration and life.

“I think I started drawing when I could start holding a pencil—before the age of four, I think, beginning with whirlpool belly-buttons for my Barbie dolls and people heads and dinosaur bodies on books I probably shouldn’t have been drawing in.”

Art, she says, is vital because it “gives more meaning to life—it makes life more beautiful; it communicates messages; it encapsulates moments; it creates a discussion. Making art kind of just makes me a vessel of translation, I think—we all make art whether we realise it or not, and that’s probably just a way of being.”

On her characterisation of the four Wizard of Oz characters downstairs, she says the warm, quirky and charming way she sees them just seems natural for the characters. “I also just want to create a fun atmosphere—I think about how people enjoy their meal at YBR?”

Well, we really do enjoy your art very much. Thanks, Ellie!

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